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Imam hosein was leving in a period that injustice of
commanding’s who were too tyrant was to expanded and the
effort for indemnifying the islam was too increased. In such
qualification Imam Hossein acted so chivalrous and
intelligently that he allocated a considerable part of the
human history to himself. Imam Hossein is a baron who
donated his blood for Islamic worth ness, freedom and
freethought and liberality. And he transplanted the ashurah ((
the tenth day of muharram in which the martyrdom of Imam
Hossein took place)) as a landmark in the human history. He
was the second child of imam ali and the saint Fatima who
was born in the bed day of the month shaban in the forth year
after Mohammads hegira. Since he was born until
Mohammad passed away lasted only 6 years and people
understood Imam Hossein dignity as he was graced too much
by the prophet.
This sentence clearly proves their close relationship.
Mohammadhad said: Hossein is from me and I’m from
hessein. After imam hasans death, imam hossein accepted the
Islamic societys leadership and becam an imam.
Imam Hossein was seeing that moavieh had usurped the
government by relying to islam and his activities were the
inducement of the religions distruction, and his activities were the main factor of endamaging the islam and Gods
Thanks to mavieh harmful activities, imam hossein started to
repel moavieh poisonous bearing, strongly intelligently.
Through out the time that mavieh was persuading people to
vote for Yazids(Maaviehs son) substitution, Imam Hossein
disagreed with him seriously and never agreed whit yazid
substitution. He even talked to mavieh indingnabtly and
worte a letter to him wich was so purposeful. Certainly Imam
Hossein had inherited the endless the
Prophecy of Mohammad he was a man who had inherited the
grandeur and justice of a father like Ali and a mother such as
Fatima. Imam Hossein inscribed his name and his name and
his friends name in the history by his devotion in Ashurah day
for ever. He’s the symbol of dignity, devotion, and
monotheism. And he did his best for achieving the
accomplishment and leadership for the humanity, and even
he sacrificed his life and his cobbers. Imam Hossein lived
intellectually and he reluctated whit badness of his time in a
way that it caused the Ashurah insurgence and countinuing
this event in the history hossein academy is the humane
friendship academy and is an effort for delivering the
humanity from salvary and blackguardism.
Hossein was anatomized by blades but never accepted
contempt. Imam Hossein had been the muslims imam for 11
years and during those years he arised against the cruelty of Yazid, in order to make the muslims confederate and he
wanted to send the massage of the muslims oneness to the
people for administrating the justice government and save the
Islamic avails. And you can see that after 14 centuries from
Asurah day and event, the shia people still respect the jubilee
of that great event. Imam Hossein and 72 people who were
killed innocently and he’s respected as a pattern of patrolling
pf Islamic values by muslims. He was able to keep the religion
of God alive by the God of freedom and justice and he could
keep the tradition of the prophet by abiding against
oppression. Observing the bases of justice, monotheism and
persisting against denier were some of remarkable
achievements of ashurah insurgence, and imam Hossein
tought the greatest lesson of freedom to the people from all
over the world. He was living in a society that people used to
do nothing against the bad behaviours of the governers and
no one was proscribing from repudiating was one the most
noticeable qualitys of those yours and the third imam of shias
believed that it those qualities were so dangerous for the
society and he did his best to change the situation.
Ashura event happened in-the keipur day of hebraics and it’s
the biggest celebration of them. Ashura refers to Ashura and
means damnation. And jewish people celebrate this day. The
day keipur means the day of atonement. Jewish people fast in
this day and in this day they even don’t milk their babies. In
the first days after choosing this day as a holly day Jewish
people even hadn’t been feeding their domestic animals. It meant that this day and celebration was a public one. This day
has some other synonyms like Adib day, Moghash day which
means holly and also Ashura.
Some people calumniated that Ashura is a day that mosaic
came back home from Toor mountain. Ashura actually was
the day that Jonah was survived from the big fish stomeach
and came out. Ashurah was the day that Abraham took his
son to alter to kill him.
Jewish people made these stories to show the people that all
events had happened in the same day. And they made these
stories to have the excese for celebrating this day while shia
muslims howl the Ashura day as imam hosein had been killed
in this day. Jewish people celebrate the anniversaries that are
about the events happened for Abraham and Jonah. It’s good
but they shouldn’t claim that those happenings occurred in
Ashura. Ashura only reminds people the events which
happened for imam Hossein and his friends. All of the exegets
who are muslim believe that the founders of overweigh and
tyrannizing to the prophet Mohammads family were Hebrews.
Before islam Hebrews moved to north of medina and started
living there after they read the torah and based on Johannes
deccoveries and their other books just because they hoped
the prophet of the Apocalypse would come from themselves.
And they hadn’t known that the last prophet had already
been chosen. One of the jewish clans which moved to mecca
and got fixed in there was Bani Omayeh
Yazid who was the caliph at that time had come from bani
Omayeh family that was hebrow. When his mother was
enceinte and Yazid was in her uterus, his father left them and
his mother and je that both. Were jewish were trained by
rabbis. Hebrows had known all of the shia imam one by one
based on the information in their books. One of those books
was called the dream.
This book is about the story of the revelation of a jewish child
which had been hidden in the rabbis libraries for centuries,
and in that book even there is the story of the from of killing
imam hossein and his friends and the instruction of killing
Imam Hossein and his friends had been done by hebrows
respectively based on what the book had ordered (just like a
movie scenario) and they killed them just such as the book
had asked them. A disparate war which was already
Although the hebrows tryed to illustrate that tragedy natural,
as usuall they got flagrant at the end and this attainder was
entered in the history just like their other felonies. Now it’s
time to review some of imam Hosseins talks. He said: some
people pray God only because they hope to be taken to
heven. And such praying is the praying that champans do. And
some of them worship God just to prevent going to the hell,
and such worshiping is the way that slaves pray God. And a
group of people pray god due to God deserves it and this praying is the method of liberals, and is the best sort of