Imam kazem was born 128 or 129 after Mohammad hejira,
right when imam sadegh and his wife Hamide were coming
back from hadj trip ,in an area called abvaa. The period that
imam kazem was living, was concurrent whit the first grade of
the Jewish abasis autarchy and barbarism.
This cruelty had been started since imam sadegh was alive
and lasted until imam Reza period when Maamun was the
caliph and that cruelty continued too worse. Maamun was the
hebrows agent too.
People felt a little sequre politically, but it didn’t take so much
time as the Jewish caliphate system started to excruciate
people again. The excruciation began by Jewish administers
when imam bagher and sadegh had already amplified the
scientific body of shia islam by training so many students. The
imam kazems prophecy was to make a balance in shias
Imam kazems time was a difficult time for sias and at that
time many objecting movements occurred by shias against
Abasi caliphs that the most notable ones are Hosein-Ebn-ali
movement and it happened when hadi abasi was the caliph
and next was the insurgence of yahya and edris 2son of
abdollah, that accrured in haroon caliohate time. In fact the
most considerable compatatives of Abasi clan were Alavies
and naturally abasies were monitoring them seriously. Shia
imams used to emphasis on reservation and were trying to manage the shia organization and it’s leadership sneakingly.
So, such situation caused that the history couldn’t have
enough information about their political actions.
Imam kazem had been taken to the perison for tow of times
by haroon that the seconed time was from the year 179_183
and it caused imams martyry.
There’s no evidenc about the first time-though.
The reasons that imam was taken to the orison were:
1. Haroons crackdown against alavi (shia) people, especially
about imam kazem.
2. Popularity of imam kazem and alavi people for other
pople owing to they were the prophets grandchildren.
Haroon had to do such things to avoid being hated by the
people. Haroon ordered to catch imam kazem in that mosque.
He ordered to pre par two carnivals . One should have gone to
kufeh and the other one to Basra, He sent imam by one of
thoes Carnivals. He did this for inhibiting people knowing
these imam was kept.
Haroon sent imam to the governer of Basra Isa-Ebn JaFar-Ebn￾Mansur. Imam was his prison for a period. But finally Isa was
board by that and asked Haroon to give imam to someone els.
He said if Haroon doesn’t do this he’ll liberate imam as he
tried to find an evidence against Imam, somthing that proves
lmam is sinful, though he was disable. Then they delivered
imam to Fazl-Ebn-Rabia. Imam was in his prison for a long time. Some say that he was asked to kill imam, but he didn’t
do that. Then they delivered imam to Fazl-Ebn-Yahya and he
was in his prison for a period of time. Just the same as
historians talks he respected imam. Next they gave imam to
another concierge called Sandy Ebn-Shahak. Imam kazem had
been agonized in that perison which was too terifying and
dark. The last days of imams life had past in that prison: Sandy
poisoned imam by Haroons command and imam was dead,
after 3 days. His date of death was Rajab 25th in the year 183
in Bagdad. Then Sandy told to take imams body on Bagdad
bridge and say Imam was dead naturally. There were two
reasons for taking imam on Bagdad bridge:
1: To affirm that imam was dead by a natural death.
2: To abrogat the belief of the people who had believed in
imams Mahdism.
Imam kazem was buried in an area Called shonizia in the
familial Sepulcher of Mansur which was famous as Qorsh
graves. His grave is famous as kazemein. Historians have Said
Abasi clan had buried imam kazem in that sepulcher because
they were afrid his grave would be the center of Shias
agglomeration. Sandy-Ebn-Shahak was jewish originally and
so mericiless and he was trained by jewish method. Haroon
had told some of the turnkies to kill imam Kazem but Despite
all of them had been imams serious enemies, they didn’t
accept it, although the enemies of imam hadn’t accepted to
kill imam, the Hebrews Caused imam death and murder, and they killed imam after 16 Years of incarcerating and terrible
Now Some anecdotes of imam kazem:
1. If you want to be the strongest, depend on God.
2. someone who talks behind his/her brothers back is
3. The Canny doesn’t lie even if his/her profit is in lieing.
4. Anger is the key of every badness.
5. The world is similar to sea. if it’s thirsty drinks more, he
or she gets more thirsty until he/she dies.
6. Bad is someone who has 2 faces and 2 tongues. The
person who Says something in front of you and tells
something els behind your back.
7. Loyalty and hunesty both cause the economy get
8. Humility is something which illustrates whatever you like
people do with you is you do about them.

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