((Rasoul akram))
The prophet Mohammad The last prophet sent by God was
born in the Pagan Society of the arabian peninsula and he was
able to Spray the monotheism ordinance in one of the most
uninformed societies in that time By resisting in the
movement that he had started, in his time and in the next
periods islam turned out to be a word wide religion. His father
was Abdollah the lost son of Abdolmotaleb and his mother
was Amaneh the daughter of vahab and both of them were
from the great “Quraysh” tribe which had a significant
predominance in “mecca” and most of the time were busy
with commerce. After Abdollah married Ameneh he’s went to
other areas on a commercial trip and arrived to the city Sham.
However in the way back he got sick and passed away.
Some of the historiographer’s claim that Abdollah’s departure
happened several month after Mohammad’s birth. Thanks to
the custom which was prevalent in “Mecca” Mohammad was
given to a dry nurse Called Halimeh and That Woman was
supposed to train and bring up the little Mohmmad in the
“Simple and pure space of a wild land when.
Mohammed was Sin years old his mom took him to “Yasreb”
(Medina) to visit their relatives, but unfotunately his mother
died in the way back in a place Where was called “Abva” and
she was buried there. Ameneh was thirty years old when she
passed away. Then Mohammad was supported by his
grandfather (Abdolmataleb). Anyway, Abdolmotaleb died
after two years.
Next Mohammad’s uncle accepted to take care of
Mohammad. His uncle’s name was “Abutaleb”. One day
Mohammad accompanied his uncle to the city sham on a
commercial trip and met Bohayra a Christian religious man
living in that city and that man Cautioned Abutaleb about
Mohammad’s prophecy and warned him about the danger of
Jewish people that would treat Mohammads life.
Some historiens say just like many previous prophets,
Mohammad was a herdsman in this adolescene. He was also
famous. As Amin (trusty) and after he accepted the
directorship of a commercial Caravan which was belonged to a
rich woman called “Khadijeh” he was able to represent his
aptitude in the business. He also Caused a very high degree of
profite for commcial Convoy. Another ability of Maohammad
was figuring out the discords occurred among Quraysh
grandee that was as a result of the disagreement in
installation of the blackstone that the pilgrims used to kiss on
Kaaba and that disagreement was going to cause a hatwar.
Mohammad throwined the business with” khadijeh who was
a trafficker and after this Cooperation mohammad was able to
atract khadijeh’s attention to himself and khadije got
interested in him. So khadijeh asked one of her relatives to
tell Mohammad about her feeling and finally they got
married. When Mohammad was twenty five years old.
Mohammad had already been a unitarian before his
worshiping. Some historians say that the first Marks of his
apostolate occured when he was 40 years old and those signs
were his true dreams. However Some of the historiographers
say his prophecy began One night when the angel of
Revelation appeared to him in the Cave of Hiva in Rajab
month and the angel read the first Sentence Alalaq sura for
him. According to the stories, Mohammad raced home in such
a hurry and asked his family to cover his body immediately.
It seemed that there was a considerable interruption in the
revelation for a particular term and it caused Mohammeds
Howsoever, after a short patch, the angel of Revelation come
back to him and nominated him for leading his people and
improve the society from the religious depravity and doing
the things that cause banality. The angel also told him to
purify the peoples hearts and clean the Gods home from idols.
The story that Mohammad told about the Gabriels appearing
was: Gabriel just appeared and asked me to read. I said what
am I supposed to read? He Said: Read in the name of you God
who Created you. Mohammad took deal with acclaiming his
prophecy in three steps ,1- Secret imparting, 2- Acclaiming for
his close friends and relatives which that was started with
devolution of the Verse Anzar” in a day that was famous as
“Yawm-Al-Dar” and in that day. Mohammad said. Ali would
be his successor after his death.3-Aboveboard imparting.
After recieving the first verses of Al-Haq sura and getting a
real prophets Mahammad came back to Mecca inside and
went home. There were 3 people at home. His wife khadijeh,
his cousin. Ali, and zeid ebne Hares. Mohammad invited them
to accept unitarianism as he wanted to proselyte islam first in
his house. The first woman who believed in him was Khadijeh
and the First man who did the same Was Ali, who was in
Mohammads protectorship. 3 years later Mohemmad was
commissioned to collect all of the Quraysh family members
and invite them for accepting monotheism in order in order to
extend his invitation to islam in a vaster rate. Although the
Quraysh trib and other heathen’s behavior was calm at first,
then after they put on severity For Mohammad and his
muslim friends when they face with aspersion to their idols
and the ceremonial of their ancestors.
Eventhough Abutilebs had always supported Mohammad,
Quraysh family forced him to annoy Mohammad. Owing to
the severity of Quraysh that was increased, Mohammad asked
some of his friends to immigrat to Ethiopia and it seemed that
a group of muslims had already been moving between Hejaz
and Ethiopia. Mohammad’s emersion from Mecca to Medina
was so important and it was a signify can’t part of his life due
to from that time he was the commander of a kingdom who
was going to build a new Society based on a celestial
tradition. Mohammad’s immigration from Mecca to Medina
was very earthshaking for Muislims, so his movement to
Medina became the epock of muslims. Finally Mohammad
arrived to that City 14 years after his prophecy was begun.
After he entered the city, the name of that changed from
Yasreb to Madinatolrasul (Medina), it means the city of
Off course before entering the city he had stoped in an area
Ghaba that was located out of Yasreb (Medina). People who
were living in yasreb went to Gaba to visit the prophet and
wellcome him. After several days he entered the city and
choosed a land to build a mosque via his friends assist. That
mosque is called “Masjed-Al-Nabi now.
The prophet was food poisoned during the Kheibar war and
when he was passing away, he said the food that he had
eaten, had destroyed all of his body’s organs and there had
been no prophet and. deputy unless the whom who got slain.
In the 11th year after his emigration, when he was in his final
pilgrimages in Mecca and in another place called Ghadir, he
obviously admonished the islamites his death. It was evident
that Alcoran had already emphasized the prophet Mohammad
had the humanish needs just like other people. like the needs
for eating, clothing –marrage housing and etc.
He needed medical treatment where he was ill, and such as
other humanbeing he was getting old, weak and he would die.
One month before his death, he told the muslims: My death
time is going to arrive and I’ll go back to God. I’m wanted by
God and I’ll accept his request. Anyway, I will devise a cople of
things which are so valuable for you and since I’m going to
Leave you , you should have a noticable attendance of them.
Those two things are “Koran” and my family. And God has
told me they may never get apart from each other. And they
will join me one day next to the Alkawsar font in the heaven.
So, think deeply of how to behave with these two things. In
the last pilgrimage that is famous as “Hajat-A-vedaa” When he
was the throwing stons the devil monument (stoning of the
devil) he told muslims: Whatch me carefully and learn the
pilgrimage Steps and Ceremony, due to possibly there will not
be any other chance that I can accompany you and deal with
this tradition next year.
And you’ll never see me again in this stage and position. Two
days before he passed away he was in the bed and talking to
imam Ali. The prophet asked imam Ali to bathe and enshroud
him and pray for his body after he dies. Ali who redly loved
the prophet answered: I’m afrid I can’t tollerat doing that.
The prophet asked imam Ali to get closer to him. Then he gave
his ring to imam Ali and said: Weara this ring. He also asked
his friends to bring his sword, armour and his Other armament
and gave them to imam Ali. The next day the illness of the
prophet got worse. Howsoever, he emphasized his friends to
be careful about peoples righes, despite he was suffering.
Thenafter he told them to call his brother/ and his friend.
Omeh- Salameh one of the prophets wives Said: Tell Ali to
enter, when Imam Ali entered, the prophet pointed to him to
come closer and next he hugged imam Ali and Spoke with him
for a long time until he got faint. While the grandchildren of
the prophet saw that scene, they burst into tears and fell on
their grandpa’s body and Cryed hard. Imam Ali wanted to
Seperat them from the prophet’s body but the prophet
regained consciousness and said: Dear Ali, let them stay here
and touch me, so that I can smell them and they’ll smell me.
They should use these moments, and I should give them the
benefits. Also giving me benefits. Finally the prophet
Mohammad passed away while his head was on Ali’s leg. The
prophet was on of the first people who paied attention to
advocate animals and women’s rights and cared about nature
He also disagreed with ethnocentrism. In the following we
will proceed to his anecdotes.
1. Never prevent doves to make their nests in your homes.
2. Never touch the nests of birds at night because they are
protected via God.
3. The prophet Mohammad strongly disagreed with forcing
animals to fight.
4. He mentioned every domestic animal has six rights (he
meant horse or Someting like that). 1st: Feeding after
comming home. 2ed: The owner of the animal should let it
drink water whenever the animal arrived to raceways. 3ed.
Never hit an animal without a rational reason. 4th.Never put
the loads on animals back which are beyound their power.
5th. Never seat on animals back whil their aren’t moving even
fo a few secconds 6th. Never force animals to keep going
more than their tolerance.
The prophet said the most completed person is the believer
who is Kind with women. He also said that the heaven is
under the mother’s Steps. He said having justice even for an
hour is worth worshiping for 70 years every night and passing
the days with fasting.
If there is no justice the society may be the field of injustice
and depredation. In Such a situation accomplishment and
morality may be forgotten. people will be tigerish and wild
and silver spoons will be stingier about what ever: they have
and get envierer about what they don’t have. In such a
Condition poor people have to accept every Frippery and they
will sell themselves and buy. What they need so expensive,
and whatever they have may be Looted.
The prophet said behave with people in the way you expect
them behave with you. And abstain to treat people in a way
you don’t like they treat you. Try to pay the salary of your
employees before their sweat dries. Whomever protects his
muslim brother’s reputation will be taken to the heaven.
The prophet Said respect your children and train them
perfectly, so that you will be forgiven by God. He used to
behave with his friends in such a way that every of them
thought he is the most respected and the closest friend to the
prophet. He said everyone who is in touch with a child should
have childish manner, and he added: Being late for my
worshiping is worth annoying a child. Once upon a time he
was worshiping at noon with other muslims, but suddenly he
speeded up his praying and finished that job earlier than ever.
His close friends asked him to tell the reason of that behavior.
He answered: Don’t you hear that child is crying? The real
story was this: The baby who was crying was left by his/her
mom just becaus the mother was accopanying the prophet in
praying. And when she Still hadn’t finished her religious duty,
her child started screaming and crying So, the prophet
Speeded his worshiping up to give the chance to the mom to
care about her child and quieten the baby. Being kind to the
children was one of the most remarkable features of prophet
of islam.
He mentioned 4 points about children.
1. Accept whatever he/she has done as a duty, but expect
him/her to do the jobs based on his/her ability and
2. Ner ask your children doing jobs which are beyond their
3. Don’t force the children to do sinful jobs.
4. Never lie to the kids and never do bad things infront of
The prophet also really cared about the neighbors. He said:
someone who always bothers his or her neighbor is not a real
believer. He also said whenever your neighbor doesn’t have
money to buy his or her necessary supplies, you should help
him/her to pay for the expenses. If your neighbor gets
successful in a project, you should congratulate him or her.
If your neighbor gets ill, you must visit him/her.
When your neighbor loses one of his/her dears, you should
express your sympathy and send your condolence. If your
neighbor dies, you should attend the funeral of him or her.
Never rise your house without his/her agreement as it can
stop the wind blowing to his/her house or it will limit the sun
lighten his / her house. If you buy fruits you should give your
neighbor some of them as a gift.
And if you don’t have so much of them, you must take the
fruit to your home Secretly, and you should prevent your
children taking the fruit out of the home in case your neighbor
children See the fruit. Don’t macerate your neighbors kids by
the aroma of your food and if your food makes good smell,
you should offer your neighbors kids some of that.
The prophet Mohammad also really cared about honesty. He
said : Always be hunest even if it causes you die, because
hunesty Causes your salvation, and always avoid lieing even if
you think it helps you to be saved since lie brings destruction.
Avoid telling lies as it will push you to debauchery and
debauchery will push the human to gehenna. If someone
entrusts you something give it back to him/her, and if
someone betrayed you, don’t betray him or her.
He said: Someone who isn’t trusty, is not a believer, and
someone who obeys God and his / her parents will be in the
highest stage in the doomsday. The prophet also told:
safekeeping brings you moneybags and malversation brings
insolvency. He mentioned that everyone who makes his/her
parents happy, he/she will make God happy and everybody
who annoys his/her parents, annoys God.
He told: Behave yourself before your parents, so that your
kids will behave themselves before you. The prophet Said:
never watch the wives of other people, so that other men
wont watch your Wives.
He also told: Don’t forget that God is only 1 and your fathers
are just 1 for each of you. You should know neither an Arab is
worth a persian nor a persian is worth an Arab unless one of
them has more piety. The prophet said no white man is better
than a black man and no black man is worth a white man.
Someone who has mare piety is worth the other one. Islam is
a moderate religion based on justice and never cares about
nationality of the people, linguistics and racism and people
who deals with these things will be hated.

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