((saint Zahra))
The saint Fatima was the daughter of prophet Mohammad the
last prophet Sent by God and her mother was the Saint
khadijeh. She also was the wife of imam Ali who was the cousin
and successor of the prophet. The Saint Fatima was the mother
of imam Hasan and imam Hosein, Zeynab and Omeh kolsum
her 2 daughters. Her father (the prophet) was the best creature
that God has created and her mother Khadijeh was one of the
greatest woman in Quraysh family and the first woman who
believed in the prophets prophecy and Islam and she spent all
her wealth for serving Islam, before the barbarism period,
insofar as people named her Tahereh” (clean). Saint Fatima was
one of the 5 holly ladies in the history of the world and she has
a high position in Islam religion. She is the third innocent, also
the daughter of an innocent man, the wife of an innocent man
and the mother of 2 other innocents. She has many a
distinguished attributes. The 11 shia imams are from her
generation. Based on the stories, there are suras and verses in
Alcoran which explain her and her children Enemity with them
is enemity with God and friendship with them is friendship with
God too. The suras are “kawsar”, and “Ensan” and the verses
are “Tat-hir” and “Mavadat. Undoubtedly every one knows that
the saint Fatima had the qualities of her father. Not only she
had her fathers qualities, but also she used to share whatever
she had including Science, belief, Congnition and … with others.
She had inherited those qualities from her father. She actually
was shaving her knowledge with people to save the fact of
islam. when she was old enough for marrage, many friends of
her father and many great muslims proposed to her. One of
them was Abubaks. Another one was Omar. However, the
prophet said: Im wating for Gods Command about Fatimas
futur husband. Imam Ali told the prophet: You know that you
got me from my parents when I was a little kid and you trained
me just as you wanted and you were kinder than my parrents
while doing this.
And you rescued me from doubt that me and my ancesters
were involved with. You are the only hoard of mine in this and
afterword. Now God has made me strong by you and I want to
reintegrate my life and get married. I just came to propose to
Fatime. Do you agree? when the prophet heared that he got
extreamly happy and smiled to imam Ali. He asked: Do you
have something as a dowry for her? Imam Ali Said: you know
my situatation well. I have nothing accept my sword, a camel
and my armor. Mohammad Said Keep your sword for your
battles in the Gods will. Keep your camel for riding and working
in the gardens. Only your armor is enough for Fatima as her
dowry. According to another story, the prophet told imam Ali:
Some men have already came here and wanted to marry
Fatima. Anyway my daughter didn’t accept.
Then the prophet went to the saint Fatimas room and told her:
Ali has come here and asked me to let him marry you. You
know his history and his hyphen to islam and you know his
scholarism. Saint Fatima kept silence. Without doing anything.
The prophet said “Allahu Akbar” when he saw the signs of
happiness in the Saint Fatimas face. The prophet added: This
silence is a real confession. And your confession equals your
satisfaction. Finally imam Ali and saint Fatima got married as
soon as possible. The result of that blessed marrage was 5
children who were named Hasan, Hosein, Zeynab, omekolsum
and Mohsen respectively. (Mohsen was aborted in the uterus
after the prophet passed away). Imam Hasan and imam Hosein
are the imams of shia muslims who were trained by such
mother. And 9 other imams are from imam Haseins race, and
they are linked to prophet via the saint Fatima. The Saint
Fatima is called “the mother of imams too” thanks to being the
of imam Hasan and imam Hosein and being the grandmother
and the ancester of 9 other imams.
Although Saint Fatima is not an imam in shia ideology, her
position is so important and high for God and shia muslims. Not
only her dignity is not lower than other imams who are her
children and grand children, but also her position for God is as
high as her husband imam Ali and higher than Other eleven
imams. If we want to understand the degree of the saint Fatima
knowledge it could be good to have a look at her words in
“Fadakia” speech. Either when she talks about the unity of God,
or when she shows her information about the prophet
Mohammad, and also when she explains the subject of
pontificate, in her famous speech. All parts of that presentation
and her domination on the Koran and her explanation of
dispensations and their cononization are very strong
ducuments which prave her great proportion of knowledge,
which was really endless and was linked to the afflatus canal.
There are other evidences that demonstrate her great quantity
of knowledge and one of them is other womens consults in
order to learn everything about the religion and know the reply
of their questions at that period. Even the men of Medina used
to refer to her for asking their inquiries.
Her deep argumentions about jurisprudential issues in “Fadak
clearly proves her domination on entire the koran and the
islamic gnomon. Her Significant quality was her deep
relationships with her husband imam Ali. She was the best
friend and helpmeet of imam Ali in enforcing the divine
commands. The behavior of the Saint Fatima with her children
can be a very good pattern for people who want to train their
children as well. She was always respecting her kids and used to
call them respect fully.
The Saint Fatima was trying so hard in her children religious and
ethical civility. She was very interested in teaching the religious
to others too. One day a woman asked her some questions. The
first one was this: My mother made some mistakes in her
praying today. What is the correct way of worshiping? she
wants to know. The saint Fatima answered her question Kindly
and patiently. Then the woman asked the seccond question and
next another question. The saint. Fatima responded those
questions too. However the woman continued asking and
asking until The 10th question and the saint Fatima answered
her questions again and again. The Saint Fatima was so patient
and kind to her but the woman got really embarresed for asking
too much questions and told the saint Fatima: I will not disturb
you again. I’m so sorry for taking your time too much.
Anyway the saint Fatima told her you can come here and ask
your questions whenever you like. It does no matter. I won’t be
angree by that. Because my father told me in the doomsday the
scientists who have followed me will be with us and they’ll be
gifted and they may be blissful as much as their knowledge.
And the quantity of their premium depends on their effort for
conducing the people. Saint Fatima used to abstain to be seen
in the public but it didn’t mean that she was shirking her
responsibilities towards her father in emergency occasions.
After the “ohod” battle was finished, the Saint fatima got out of
Medina with a group of women to make sure that her father
was alive. when she saw her father, embraced him and wiped
the blood away from his face. Next she cleaned her fathers face
by washing and drying that. Then she cleaned the prophets
Another Story says that there were 14 women who came out
of home and one of them was the saint Fatima taking water
and food to the battlefield to the warrors who were hurt and
took care of them. in the last month of her life Some terrible
events happend for her. The historians said no one had Seen
her happily and laughing. After the prophet was killed, the
jewish enemies and their spys began to collogue against islam
and acted unlike the prophets will, and they achieved their Evil
goals openly. The jewish bilateral informers were commanded
not to let the prophet’s wills come true. If the prophets dreams
came true the Jewish enemies couldn’t implement their Evil
goals and captivate all the people around the world in every
After they killed the prophet Mohammad, they didn’t let his
true successor become the caliph and lead the people and
navigate them to the everlasting Felicity. And After the prophet
died, they strongly disagreed with the prophets talks and they
took the Imam Ali’s right for being the caliph. Afterwards they
usurp imam Alis personal property while he was the son in law
of the prophet Mohammad.
The saint fatima was one of the main adversaries of jewry just
like imam Ali and thanks to that fact they both were always
treated by the Jewish caliphate dominion Burning their house
by the caliph Abubakr’s assignees was one of the examples of
the animosities of the caliph.
Since imam Ali and his friends hadn’t convenanted to assist
Abubakr caused that the assignees aggress to imam Alis house
when imams Friends had gotten together in that place. In that
attack the saint Fatima who was struggling to prevent imam Ali
get caught was deathly hurt and her fifth baby that was still in
her utrus was born too early and was dead, as the harm caused
the saint Fatima abort.
Jewish enemies in had already killed the Virgin Mary via
stonning to death and they decided to kill her son “jesus” after
that. So they had already” killed the virgin Mary and the Jesus
Christ and just the same they administered their Evil plans in
Islams land and among muslims and even in the prophets
Despite the efforts of the prophet Mohamad for representing
the saint Fatima’s high character, Saint Fatima couldn’t get out
of the home to the Islamic guardianship as the aggressors of
the guardianship were so professional in the mental war and
were able to change the people minds towards their own
profits. That was obvious that they were able to fill the empty
Station of the deceased prophet and illustrate themselves as
the right side and it trully proves their power and speciality in
the news coverage.
According to the current situation in Medina, if the prophet’s
daughter entered the battleground and became a claimant for
the Caliphate, the enemies would obviate her easily. Anyway,
attacking to Saint Fatima must have had a legal manifest. just
like the way it was accomplished.
The saint Fatima was really ill and confined to bed and passed
away. after a short time. The saint: Fatima is the best sample
for all of the humen and her words makes the best direction for
every people.
Now you can read some of her words.
1: Everyone who sends his/her sincerely worshipping to God,
then God
will send him/her the best benefits.
2: The saint Fatima used to pray God in this way: God! I want
you to give me the power for being your thrall and give me the
needed insight for understanding your book (Alkaran) and your
3: The best people are the whom that help others modestly.
4: The best of you are the people who are warmer and kinder
to others
and the most valuable person is someone who is generous to
5. God! keep my religion as my jobs Foundation, and alter my
which is my effort’s place and amend my futurity and make my
life as – the tool of beatitude and make my death the way of

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