Imam Reza is the 8th Imam of shia’s and is from prophet
Mohammads generation and is the 8th heir of the Saint
Mahammad. He was born in zighaadeh 11th of the year 148 in
Medina. His father was imam kazem who had been killed by
the jewish Haroon Abasi and his moms name was Najmeh.
After his father was martyr, he accepted the responsibility of
the peoples leadership and took deal with attending the
politics. He colected his fathers students and Started teaching
and filling out his grandfathers school and he did great things
in this issue. The period of his prophecy lasted 20 years that
17 years of that passed in Medina and 3 years in Khorasan.
After 17 years of living and leading in Medina, Imam Reza
went to Khorasan by Jewish people and Maamuns deceits.
After accepting the compulsory Of Maamuns Substitution and
passing 3 years imam Reza got martyr by the Jewish Maamun.
Just like other previous imams, İmam Reza had all the best
qualities and humanish well conditions.
Not only his friends and followers have encouraged him, but
also his enemies have appreciated his good qualities.
Now we are going to read some anecdotes of Imam Reza.
1) Hygiene is the prophets behaviour.
2) Every bodys friend is his/her intellect and his/her enemy is
his/her ignorance .
3) Never scare of anyone except God.
4)The curmudgeon won’t feel comfortable and the costive
never enjoys. And the governer won’t be constant and the
mendacious never is manly.
5) Someone who trys to provides his familys comfort, will be
awarded more than the whom that fights for God.
6) I’m amazed when I see someone who has seen the world
and its changings. still loves the world.
7) Try to be careful when you face powerfuls, Modest with
friends, cautious with enemies, and wellcoming to people.
8) Someone who knows his/her value never gets kaput.
9) Knowledg is a treasure box and question is the key.

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