Imam Mohammad bagher is the fifth imam of shias of the
world and he was born in the month rajab 1st on Friday in the
year 57 after prophets hejria, in Medina. His father was imam
sajad and his mome was Om-e-Abdollah, or Fatima the
daughter of imam Hassan.
So imam bagher is the first imam who was from imam Alis
both sons Imam Hassan and Imam hosein. When the Ashura
tragedy happened imam bagher was 4 years old and he was
present whit his father and his grandfather in karbala. He was
36 years old when his father was killed and he accepted the
leadership of shias. The period of his leadership was 19 years
and 2 month until he was killed.
Imam Baghers proportion of knowledge was inspired by the
fountain of revelation just like other imams and no one could
compete whit him in being informative. His amount of
knowledge was as much as that all the historians, muslims or
heathens mentioned his knowledge when they wanted to
appreciate him.
He was treated as the most believer in his time just like his
ancestor, and he was the right pattern for believers. Although
he used to take so much time for praying, he never was
gravitated to recede from the social activities. Imam Bagher
really cared about charity, visitation and politeness.
He really paied attention to helping destitutes and feral
ceremonies. He was trying so hard to regenerate his
forerunner Mohammad in the society and teach people the
moral principle. He used to be outdoor to supervise the palm
gardens in the hot weather and was working with the other
workers, and was preparing the farmland for planting.
Whatever he acquired from farming by his working and effort,
was donated for Gods satisfaction. Whenever he went to his
forefather mosque for preparing in the morning, after
worshipping, people used to sit around him and learn new
things from him.
Moavieh had been governing the muslims for twenty years
and was doing that in his caliphate center sham and his agents
were illustrating the fact of islam in the opposite way in other
islamic zones. And they did their bests to reach this aim. So
imam sajad and his son imam Bagher tried so hard to modify
the peoples idealogy specially in pontificate subject and
leadership, and they tought people the Islamic right
education. So, the emission of the news and dispensation
increased a lot and his son imam sadegh had been able to
stablish a university including about 4000 students and he
advertised the Islamic scholarship in all over the Islams world
of that period of time.
Imam bagher lived for 19 years and two month after his father
imam sajad was martyr and during that period he took deal
whit his duty about pontificat, leadership, advertising the
Islamic culture, teaching the students, administering his
ancesters traditions among people, a waring the impostor
government about the true leadership method and instructing
people to know the real leadership and innocent imam who is
the only true caliph of god on the earth.
Ginally he was poisoned by the jewish hesham who was
launched by Hebrews and died in medina when he was 57
years old.
Now you can read some of his talks:
Patience is the erudites togs. So never take it off.
For doing your jobs confer with someone who are scared from
Someone who is avaricious about the world, is like a silkworm
that when he/her, and finally he/she will die by sadness.
The most pious person is someone who always tells the truth
even if he/she loses.
Someone who doesn’t have an inside predicant, never gets
any benefits by other peoples sermons.
A scientist who people get profit from, is worth thousand
Someone who’s kind to his/her family, will live longer.
Tell the things about people which you expect them tell about
Avoid animosity, because it will make the brains busy and
causes concision.

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