The 9th imams of shias is imam Javad, and was born in the year
195 in Medina. when his father passed away he was 8 years
old, and after his fathers death he got the prophecy of leading
people. The jewish caliph Maamun Was scared of popularity of
imams and their achievement in the society. So he tryed to take
care of Imam Javed and monitor his behaviours. He gave his
daughter (ome Fazl) to imam Javad as his wife, so that his
daughter would check on imam savads actions and jobs from
the home inside.
Imam javads afflictions that this domestic Fink Caused are
famous in the history Although his life was too short, he
participated in scientific discussions and developed the islamic
dispensation just like his fathers and tought the students and
leaded people, and Answered too many questions.
During 17 years of prophecy Imam Javad dealed with
transpiring and teaching the facts of islam. And he had very
outstanding students that everyone of them was a mountain Of
islamic culture and lessons.
Eventhough the life of him was too short he was like a flower
that its color and perfume Saticfied the souls.
The stories that historians have told about him and the
questions he has answered and the words which are toled by
him will adorn the pages of history books for ever.
He lived for 25 years and his prophecy countinued for 17 years.
The caliph Mastassem Abasi was asked by his jewish lords to
invite imam javed to come from Medina to Baghdad. Imam
javad entered Baghdad in the year 220.
Mostaasem who was the uncle of Ome Fazl (imams wife) and
Jaafar the son of Maamun and Ome fazl who were jewish,
planned to kill imam. They did it to avoid Alavies to get the
caliphate back from Abasi clan. Mostaasem and Jaafar injected
a poison to a punch of grapes and gave that to Ome Fazl. She
put the grapes in a pot and offered it to imam Javad. When
imam eat the grape, and it didn’t take too much when he felt
the effects of the poison. By and by he felt a lot of pain and his
wife was regretfull and was crying. Imam Said now that you
have killed me why do you cry?
I swear that you will be involved with poverty in a way you
won’t be able to change it. And you will get an illness that there
will not be any Cure for that, and you will be captive by a
disaster that you can not conceal that.
They buried imam Javad in koreish Cemetery right behind his
grandsir imam kazem. Imam Javad was a complete pattern of
pietism and an example of menditation, and genuflecting for a
long time just like other imams, Imam Javed used to behave
politely with anybody.
This behaviour caused that even his enemies get atracted to
him. one of his notable attributes was his calmness and
adaption with his friends and shias. All the previous imams had
those qualities. Imams never used to abandon their goals while
they faced the injustice, and they were prepared to tollerat all
of the difficulties in their movements.
Now Same anecdotes of Imam Javad:
1)Abstain companionship with hooligans, because they are like
a poisoned Bilbo which is beautiful and shiny, but it’s affects are
ugly and dangerous.
2) If apish people keep being silent, people wont be involved
with disagreement.
3) You have the duty to study the science because Studying is
essential and discussing about it is profitable. Science is a tool
to help friends and brothers, and it’s the sign of manhood and
humanity. It’s also a gift and intertainment in the parties and
the humans friend on the trips, and the humans companion in
his/her isolation and privacy.
4) The science which is heared is not beneficial until it gets
5) The doer of the tyranny, and the person who helps him/ her,
and someone who is contented about tyranny all are the same.

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