The sixth leader of shias was born in Rabi-Al-Aval 17th. this
imam had been able to tighten the scientific foundation of
shia ideology and he started a great cultural movement, so
that the shia religion is famous as jaafari religion, and he is
called as the boss of this religion. During imam sadeghs
leadership there were more freedom for expressing the
ideologies as the weakness of Omavi dominion.
And a lot of discussions occurred about different subjects. This
scientific freedom causedthat the students of imam sadegh
participate in scientific discussions freely.
Eban-Ebn-e-Taghalb had reported that people used to ask him
their religious questions. Imam Sadegh was using this
opportunity to tell them too many stories about the bases of
jurisprudence. Ebn-E-Hajar Heitami says, people told so many
thing about his various knowledge and this news had been
sprayed in every places.
Abuhor jahaz has written imam sadeghs knowledge and
jurisprudence had full all around the world. Hasan-Ebn-E-Ali
vasha has said that 900 people once were mentioning imam
sadeghs anecdotes. In shia books, there are stories about
imam sadeghs arguments whit people by other religions and
people who hadn’t believed in God in some of those
arguments, imam sadeghs students were discussing about the
issues they were expert in. in those sessions, imam sedegh
was monitoring the arguments ad sometime he joined the
people who were discussing and arguing for example, once a
scientist who was from sham asked to discuss whit imam
sadeghs students. Imam asked Hesham-Ebn-Salem to discuss
with him. Imam also asked that man to discuss with his
students about any subjects he preferred. At first, and if he
won, he could discuss whit imam sadegh. That man discussed
about Qoran whit Homran-Ebn-Ayan, about Arabic literature
whit Aban-Ebn-Taghleb, abouy jurisprudence whit zorareh,
and about the ology whit Moamen Altagh and Hesham-Ebnsalem and he lost.
The first policy of imam sadegh was a cultural policy toward
instructing friends who were the founder of jaafari shia islam
based on juratory and justifiability-qualities. Imam sadegh
was trying too hard against the illegitimate government and
showing the poples dissatisfaction and making the leadership
of people by mohammads family.
In his opinion the maritial action against the government,
without providing the needed arrangement that the most
important one was the cultural action wouldn’t have ony
results except annihilation and refraction. Just like when ZeidEbn-Ali and Yahya-Ebn-Zeid started maritial movement and
finally Bani Abbas family got the all the profits of those
movements they advertised themselves by the motto (AlReza-Men-Ale-Mohammad).
Later the result was abovius. Because the jaafari
jurisprudence became the founder of a strong shia religion
which soared much more. But zeidiye which was particularly
following the politics disappeared gradually. There are many
statements in different resources that give information about
the piety, bounty, abundant erudition, too much praying, and
singing Quran of imam sadegh. Mohmmad-Ebn-Talha has
described imam sadegh as the biggest guy of the prophets
family and the owner of a great proportion of knowledge and
someone who prays a lot and reads Quran.
Malek-Ebn-Ons said he used to visit imam sadegh in period of
time and always saw him in on of these 3 position 1-
worshipping 2-fasting, and 3-murmuring. The time that imam
sadegh was living, was the time of the insecurity for bani
omayeh government and bani Abas power increasing, and
these two gens were always in conflict togeather. The political
battles of bani abbas had been started since Hesham-EbnAbdolmalek caliphate and it turned to heist battle in the year
129 and eventually Bani Abas won in the year 132. Bani
Omayeh was involved whit a lot of political problems, so they
didn’t have the chance to wrest to shias. And also bani abbas
didn’t sturt shias as they were claming that they were
supporting the prophets family and wanteg revenge againt
their killers. So that period was the time for freedom and
calmness for imam sadegh and shias and imam took this
chance and did his best for a cultural effort.
The sixth leader of shias decided rescue the moslims thoughts
from pessimism and blasphemy. And he was preventing the
doctrine of islam from thr right way. He also was stopping the
calipes wrong justifying of islam, and showimg the islams
orders inversely.
Due to this fact, had a difficult duty.
He was able to rescue the fact of islam from aberrance and
detrimert of cunnings.
He developed the jurisprudence and the knowledge of the
prophets family as much as possible so that the shia religion
got famus as jafari religion. The scientists never got benefits
from other imams as much as what they got from imam
sadegh and they have never tnentioned other imams talks as
much time that bani abas clan applied the means of cruelty
that bani omaye had already applied and they sometimes
overtook. The situation got really worse, so that all of imams
frriends lifes were in danger of death, and even the most
clever friends and students of imam were listed in the death
black list. Imam sadegh who had always been an indefatigable
adversary, did his insurgence by teaching and running the
humanish schoo, and did a right jehad the historians say that
imam sadegh had been poisoned. Hebrows got the
commission of poisoning of imam sadegh to Jafar-ebnoleiman
who was the governer of Medina and so they killed imam
shabbrily. His son imam kazem enshrouded him in a white
fgyption frock and the shirt he used to wear and in the head
band which was left by imam sajad. And then imam kazem
prayed for him and buried him in baghi graveyard next to his
father grave imam sajad. Now pay attention to his anecdotes:
1. Silence is like a valuble treasure and it adorns the
endurance, and also silence is cover for a silly guys
2. Someone who is impartial about him/herself, people will
accept him/her as their arniter.
3. Imam sadegh told two men who were fighting infront of
him: hey, someone who wins by exaction his triumph
won’t be seely, and the person who mistreats whit
people must bit expect people to respect him and
shouldn’t be annoyed by people badness.
4. The vendetta of strong people is abominable.
5. Pay the working man before his perspiration gets dry.
6. One of the prophets qualities is that they are kind to
their wifes.
7. If there is justice between people, everybody will be
needless and the sky will pour it bread and the earth may
ejaculate its fatness.
8. There are 3 things that all the people need them: 1)
security 2)justice 3)comfort
9. Justice is more candied than honey, softer than butter,
and rosier than perfume.

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