((Imam hassan))
In the midde of the month Ramadan in the third year after
Mohammad emigrated from meca to Medina, the first kid of
Imam ali and saint Fatima was born. After he was born his
denomination was assigned to his father by his mom, and
again it was assigned from his father to the prophet
Mohammad his grandfather. Then after Mohammad waited
for God to choose a name for the newborn baby.
Ultimately, the Gabriel the angel of afflatus came down and
said; Mohammad God said hello and then said owing to the
similarity between the relationship of Aaron and mosaic and
your relationship whit Ali, choose the name of Aarons child
for this little baby. Aarons child’s name was shabbar. The
prophet said my language is Arabic and shabbar is a Hebraic
name. Gabriel said shabbar in Arabic means hassan. You can
call him hassan. Imam hasan didn’t live more than 7 years
with the prophet. Anyway he was really graced by his
grandfather and he really used these years perfectly.
Scientificly and culturally.
Mohammad was very kind to him and sometimes he used his
grandchild in great jobs like the Rezvan allegiance and the
Mobaheleh with Najran chiristians.
Mohammad has talke about Imam hasan a lot and he real
admired him many times. And many years later Imam Hassan
used those exaltations for introducing and describing himself
to others. Imam Hasan had a very good and close relationship
whit his mother saint Fatima. Fatima sometimes played
childish games whit his baby and sometimes she encouraged
him to unnecessary praying. While playing. Hassan also used
to take the prophets talks to his mom from the mosque to
home and sometimes he payed attention to his moms praying
and was learning his mom praying method. Imam Hasan had
always been with his father since people made their covenant
with imam Ali and he was treated as Imam Alis right arm. He
had also attended in the covenant seriously and he had
participated in 3 battles called Seffein, Jamal and Nahravan
before the war Jamal, he went to koofeh city with AmmarYaser and Qeys-Ebn_e_saad and invited people to battle with
the people of Basrah.
First he quelled the insurgence of Abumoosa Ashaari in
koofeh and then he collected militiamen for assailing to
Basrah. Sometimes he enforced praying as a leader instead of
his father. In the night that his father was attacked by Ebn-eMoljem, Hasan wanted accompany his father to finish
worshiping, but he gave up when his father for bided him.
After father wills. The short term of imam Hasan caliphate
ended with a lot of adventures. After his father passed away
Imam Hasan went to koofeh mosque and by a clear
presentation he invited people to stipulate with him
immdeately. After his speech and the proselyting of Ebn-eAbbas the people of the koofeh stipulate wit him.
Imam Hasan also accepted their peromis based on his will for
fighting with everyone he asks them to and placate. Whit
whomever he placates. Next he tooke deal whit amplifying
the baces of hid administration. He separated the Ebn-EMoljems heod and he confurmed the most of the governors
chosen by his father and replaced some of them. He
discovered the finks of Mavieh and cut their heads. He wrote
a gruff letter to Mavieh and bullyragged him to battle.
Sending the letters between Imam Hasan and Moavieh was
continuing until Moavieh dispatched a great division to Iraq.
Imam Hasan also decided to administer a division to relocate
him, and again just as usual the hebraics infiltrated in to Imam
Hasans division and they dissuaded his rankers from battling
whit Moavieh only by money and imam hasan rankers left
him alone. Howsoever he was able to negate the hebraics and
moaviehs conspiracy by his good management and brain. He
actually. Annulled their plans by peace and his useful statutes.
The most significant event in imam Hasan life was the peace
between himself and Moavieh. Analising this event seems
necessary, since imam Hasan treated his peace as an agument
for the people who would live in the future. It means based on
his action, every human has the peace, clarifys that the
compromising of Imam hasan was a green revolution which
contrived the sanguine revolution of imam Hosein. And those
both peace and liberalistic movement contrived the scientific
revolutions of imam Bagher and imam Sadegh in the golden
period of the power transfer from bani Omayeh to Bani Abas
clan and so, the real islam of Mohammad which was amart in
shiah style, was grown and expanded too much.
Moavieh had know he couldn’t reach his direst goals easily
until imam Hasan is alive and he couldn’t confrim the
caliphate in hisclan.
(Omavi clan). Also in the peace convent between imam Hasan
and moavieh there was a bond that said moavieh doesn’t
have the right to intoduce another caliph as his deputy, and
people shuld choos the next caliph so to eliminate the
impediment and facilitate his sons dominion, moavieh planed
another crime and killed imam hasan however in order to do
this crime without letting people to know the doer of this
felony, he decided to do it secretly and by poisoning imam
Hasan. Moavieh sent a message to the wife of imam Hasan
who was the doughter of Ashas-Ebn-E-geis, and told her if she
poisons imam Hasan he will choose her as his sons wife. The
wife of yazid to make her trust him Moavieh sent her 100,000
Jaahde ((imam Hasan wife)) accepted the mony and poisoning
her husband, despite moaviyeh never did as he had promised.
Moavieh just wanted to make people to accept his son yazid,
as the next caliph.
Anyway imam hasan assassination acceded to the city sham,
Moavieh and his friends got happy and thanked god.
After imam hasan was poisoned he said they have poisoned
me several times, but nan of them was as strong as this one.
And I had always been rescued. However the last poison that
they used for killing me is too strong. yes the final poison was
as strong as that had fragmentized imam Hasan liver and his
friends used several posts for carrying the blood pouring from
imam hasans mouth. Befor his death imam Hasan had
testated to take his coffin to his grandfather the prophet
mohammad to reedify his compact whit the prophet and then
after bury him next to his grandmother Fatima the daughter
of asad.
Imam Hasan also had told to his brother to prevent any
skirmish and involvement during his feral and sepulcher, and
no one should be hurt of killed, and no blood should be
poured even as few as a phlebotomy.
Imam Hasan is the best pattern for the people of the world.
Because he lived in a way that even his enemies hebraics
couldn’t controvert his goodness. Throughout his life sold all
of his asset and belongings several time and gave the mony he
earnd to the depauperates. All the people used to talk about
his generosity.
Now we mention some of his parols:
1) There’s a distance between right and wrong only as long
as 4 fingers. Something you really see by your eyes is
right, something you just hear can be wrong though.
2) The meaning of policy is that a human or a politition
obeys the law and recpects the right of God, and alive
creaturs and the dead.
3) The person who warns and a wares you about your
disadvantages and deformations in order to admonish
you is worth that person who only encourages or praises
4) Someone who always use to ask question seems the guy
who knows the half of the whole sciences.
5) Over joking will destroy the grace and the character of
the human and the silent people may be talented to be
more graceful and have a great character.
6) In this world make your financial plans in a way that it
looks like you’ll be alive for ever, and about your afterlife
behave in a way just like you will die right tomorrow.
7) No people came along unless those who were conduced
to their accession path.
8) Never hurry in ponishing a convict and pout an
opportunity for apologe between the and punishment.
9) Behave with people in a way you expect them to behave
with you.
10) An intelligent person never betrays someone who
he/she asks help or leading.
11) Once imam Hassan had been sitting somewhere, and
saw an slave eating his food.
The slave gave a piece of his food to that dog which was too
hungry and that was staring at him. Imam Hasan liked a
behavior so much, and called that slave and told him: I
noticed that you gave the dog your last piece of food why did
you do that? The slave answered: I saw the dog was too
hungry, that’s why I gave it my last piece of food. Then imam
Hasan said it shows your magnanimity. Imam hasan then
added who are you belonged to?
Then imam hasan bought that slave and the garden belonged
to his owner and gave the garden to the slave and extricated
him for gladdening God.
There a story about imam hasan and one of Imam Hasan
slaves gave him a branch of a flower to please him. The flower
wasn’t so aromatic. Anyway Imam Hasan told him I disengage
you to satisfy God.
12. some time a man had come from the city Sham to medina.
When he saw imam hasan started mistreating, as a result of
his affection by Moavieh and Hebrews negative propagandas.
Imam Hasans friends asked Imam hasan to let them to scuth
the stranger. Imam Hasan told his friends to let the stranger
to finish his talks.
Then imam Hasan told that man: if you’re hungrey tell me to
bring you some food. If your thirsty ask me to bring you fresh
water. If you’re indepted tell me to give you some money to
solve your financial problem.
If you’re a passenger tell me to house you. Then the stranger
looked down and said you are really the grandchild of the
Gods prophet. You’re just the guy who was patient and to
lerated my bad words.
One of the lessons that we can get from imam hasan is to be
pationt when someone disrespects us, and have the ability to
control our behaviors in such situation.
13.a man called najih has told: once I saw imam Hasan eating
his food and a dog was close to him wating to get some.
Whenever imam was eating a piece of food, he suddenly gave
the same piece to dog. I saw that sught and told imam Hasan:
would you let me to stone that dog and take the dog away
from you? It’s disturbing you.
Imam Hasan said: leave the animal alone as it’s embarrassing
for me to be esting while god and an animal which has the
brio both are watching me and I don’t offer the animal a part
of my food.

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