Imam Hasan Askari was born on Friday the Rabi sany 8th in 232.
His father was imam Hadi. He was taken to Samera with his
father when he was 2 years old by Motavakel the jewish caliph
and he had to stay there until his life ended.
He married Narjes Khatoon, the daughter of caasar was from
disciples of Christ. Her generation refers to Simon. Imam Hasan
Askary had only one child who is Mahadi The Shias last imam.
Imam Askary even used to help his enemies, as he was so
chivalrous. Despite he was controld by the caliphs agents, he
was leading some political activities which the governmental
finks couldn’t understand. Imam Askari not only trained his
students and writers, but also he was writing a lot of books and
letters to develop the science and knowledge.
And he tried to lead the Society. Askari is an arabic word and
means Casern. And the reason that imam Askari is called with
this nickname is that all the Hebrews were prepared to finish
their fathers dire plans, and their only will was to intercept the
child of imam Askar get born.
And that child, would be Mahdi the lifesaver of the end of the
time. Hebrews had kept imam Askari In a casern Since he was 2
years old as they were worried that imam Mahdi sometime was
going to be born. when imam Askari was growing, they were
worried more and more and they didn’t know that they cant
stop the Gods planning and eventually that child was born.
whatever which is essential for a prophecy was collected in
imam Askari. Thoes qualities, included knowledge, pietism,
inteligence, bravery, Chastity and class.in his time teaching
Quran and printing Gods briefs and verbal discussions made a
special movement and the shia culture caused great men like
jacob-Ebm-Eshaq who was a
philiosopher appeared Jacob was Imam Askaris Student. The
history books show that imam Askari was killed on Friday the
Rabi-Al-Aval in 260. They Say imam was killed by the poison
that Motamed Abasi put in the food and imam eat.
Then Motamed got regretful. so he sent the christian and
jewish doctors to Cure imam Hasan Askari. But he had another
motivation for that action. he wanted to persuade people that
this underplot wasn’t managed by him. Finally iman Askari was
martyr in 8th of Rabi-Al-Aval of the year 260, when he was so
Now pay attention to imam Hasan Askaris anecdotes:
1: Be careful not to make hearsays and try not to live for having
a high possition Because they both cause you get dead.
2: The best friend and brother is the one who accepts the
responsibility of your fults and feels blamable.
3: silly persons first talk and then they think about the
advantages and the drawbacks of their talk. In contrast to silly
people, the inteligent people never talk without thinking.
4: Don’t argue with somebody who causes you lose your value,
and don’t josh anyone as it causes others dominate you.
5: The person who knows the peoples rights and solves their
problems and provides their needs has a great possition for
6. Anger and deforcement are the key of every mischievousness
and badness.

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