Imam Hadi was born in 212 after the prophets hejira, in the
area called Serya, near Medina. His father was Imam Javad and
his mother was Samaneh. He started his prophecy in 220 in
Medina. He passed 13 years of his prophecy in the city and
during teaching the religion to the people, he was my apposing
their bureaucratics. Finally the caliph Motavakel took him from
Medina to Samera because the caliph was scared of imam
Hadis popularity. He felt he should keep imam Near himself for
monitoring him. closely. After man came to Samera inspite of
imam was free apparently, Motavakel had chosen his home in a
way that he could always control it.
He always told his soldiers to inspect imams home and all of his
communications were controled by the governmental officers.
Imam Hadi never gave up and did his activities according the
methods of his period.
The most significant activities of him was to inform people by
different ways and illustrate his prophecy and the proportion of
his knowledge, during his preseritations and by answering
veriety of questions. He also was showing the illegitimacy of
Bani Abas administration which was commanded by Hebrews.
Another activity of him was to prepar people for imam Mahdis
disapparence. Off course he was mentioning this subject so
carefully during his talks in a way that the dominion couldn’t
The Bani Abas administration used to care about Scientific and
cultural issues At this time many books were translated to
arabic and this subject caused the people thoughts and the
serientific condition of the society got evolved.
There were also doubts about Gods Condition and situation and
determinism and doubts about Qoran. But imam Hadi could
solve all of the problems and answered all of the questions and
he demonstrated the legitimacy of shid and Secondly he
rescued people from such doubts. He was seriously controled in
Samerah and due to such controling, his friends and shias
couldn’t visit him. And as a result of the terrible ponishments
for visitors, even his closest friends couldn’t get informed about
imams condition.
Owing to those reasons the historic resources don’t have
enough information abouts imam Hadis death. And they Only
tell us he was killed without mentioning the date of his death
exactly dried without saying about the time that the Caliph
Commanded to poison imam.
And the resources don’t mention the names of emissaries who
poisoned imam. The historic books even tell different stories
about the exact date of Imams death. Imam Hadi suffered a lot
during his prophecy by the graceless administrators and
dynasts and Motavakel was the most cruel one who did the
worst to excruciate him.
When they took imam to Samera, he was kept in a place called
khan saalike where only the homeless beggers and miserables
were living. Matavakel had ordered his agents to contemn
imam Hadis. The next day, they took imam to a house wich
built in a martial comp.
Matavakel had also commanded to dig a Sepulchre to inform
imam about their serious control. Imam hadi passed a very
difficult period during motavakels caliphate.
The dread that Motavakel was feeling due to imam Hadi,
Caused that he ordered I his soldiers race to imams home
sporadically without asking and they were inspect his home.
Sometimes they even defiled imam Hadi.
The historians have said that Sometimes Motavakel used to
evonke imam when he was drunk and invited imam to his wine
party. After Motavakel was killed, imam Hadi lived for 7 years.
Although the annoyance of the next caliphs decreased in
comparison with Motavakel, the total policy of the
governments about islams distruction didn’t change.
And imam had been controled as the same as he used to be.
Eventually, the Conspiracy of his enemys had been done and
imam was by Motaz command and the poison the Moatamed
had created and had poured in the water or grenadier and he
died in Rajab 3ed in 254.
Now the anecdotes of Imam Hadi:
1) The world is a bazaar where some people bring in and some
smash. 2) The knowledge doesn’t affect on dirty heurts.
3) instad of being sorry for previous miscarriages, make good
decisions and compensate.
4) Jealousy eradicates the good jobs and lie brings animosity.
5) Shun from someone who condemns His/her personality.
6) Deriding others is the stupids intertainment.

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