IMAM ALI Imam Ali Is the only person who has the nickname wondrous – in the world. His battles , courage , self , sacrifice , govern , fairness ,belief , and even his he was god. Hes birth happened strangely in the god’s house. A great event and miracle tathe never happened in human histoty and after that never repeated. Fitima the doughter of asad who was imam ali’s mother went to masjed al-haram when he was going to breed imam ALI Then sh e reached the KAABAS wall and said” GOD, I believe in you and the prophets , the books sent from you and also my ancestors talk who has built this home. GOD “ to respect the whom that has built this home ande the childe I have in my uterus , make this breeding easy for me. A moment lather the south east wall of the Kaaba got cleved in front of the people. She entered the Kaaba and the walls two halves joined each other. FATIMA had been seat in the holies place of the univers for 3 daye hosted by God and she breed her holly baby in Rajab month 13th, and in the thirtieth year after “Am-Al-Fil. Then after that wall of Kaaba was disported again and Fatima exited with her child and said (( I heared a Massage from the spiritualist that told me name your kid ali.)) ali was highly cultured thanks to living in a good family. His father was abutaleb a very outstanding person in mecca and he was the head of castes in that city specially in Quraysh tribe and banihashem family . He also was the attendant of Kaaba bureau cratic and a significant characters of islam when this religion was beginning, and had a good situation in people. Imam alis mather Fatima was one of the best women who Was really soioth fast and reall devout and was the first lady who believed in Gods prophet after Khadijeh (Mohammad wife). Since Gods wanted Ali to become more completed , he made Mohammad to train Ali deviously. On of Imam Ali’s remarkable qualities was to be very chivalric in doing good things and he was the first person who believed in Islam’s prophet. After Mohammad became a prophet in hera cava and when he was coming out to go to his city and home, he told Ali the whole story and Ali believed in him and be cam the dear of Mohammad’s plans and his closest friend, and helped him in doing what God Hd wanted him to do . Imam ali was Mohammad’s concomitant when Mohammad was moving from mecca to medina. And one of his attributes is that when the prophent went to medina one night, Mohammad’s enemy’s had beleaguered his home in order to kill him in his bed. Anyway ali had slept in the bed instead of Mohmmad, and he annulled the enemy’s conspiracy , so that the prophet was successful to exit mecca and go to medina. Imam ali was always the adjunct of mohammad after he went to medina and never disagreed with the prophet in any topik. Devotion , bravary in the batele field and writing the koran and entering the historical predication and also writing the propaganda latters and epistles for inviting people for accepting the Islam were the Imam Ali’s other remarkable qualities-in that time in that period , the prophet Mohammad gave her only lovely doughter to imam Ali as his wife. One the imam ali’s noticeable glories was swlecting him as Mohammad’s brother by Mohammad when the,, brotherhood agreement,, was passed after Mohammad exodus from mecca to medina . in this agreement mohammad told ali ,, you are my brother in this world and world hereafter. In the name of God I select you as my brother. It will be a brotherhood wich will encompass all the world after ending the last Haj cermany of his life when he was in the way back he stoped the convoy in a place called “Qadir” ((pound)) that was close to an area called jahfeh between mecca and medina. He stoped the convoy to finish his misson . after worshiping the prophet stood on a platform and said: people , I’m close to accept the Gods invitation evidence and leave you soon. what do you think about me? People said we evidence that you have been proselything the Gods religion.the prophet side don’t you evidence that there’s no GOD eccept Allah and Mohammad is his vassal and his prophet ? they side we do. Mohammad tolde: people who’s the worthiest in devouts? People side the prohet and Allah know better. Than Mohammad saide people : anyone who I’m leader , ali is his leader too. And he repeated thissentence for 3 times . than people congratulate Imam Ali for this achievement. After the prophet was killed, imam Ali who was 33year old at that time was oust by hebraics for differet excuses and by various conspiracies. And despite the prophets counsels for accepting Ali as moslems leader , they didn’t let Ali to be the prophet deputy. So Imam Ali asresigned the society and stayed home for 25 years , and kept silence. One of the most remarkable desasters that happened to imam Ali in those years was the aggressin to his home by the soldiers of the caliph for making imam Ali to accept convenant with the caliph. And the worst part that attac was hurting imam ali wife(sint Fatima) which caused her death by 75 o 95 day after the prophet Mohammad passing away. The saint Fatima was 18 years old in that time and the result of her marrage with imam ali was 4 children called imam hasan, imam hosein ,the saint zeynab and Omehkolsum. Finally after the tired caliph was killed in madina when imam Ali was 58 years old, people under taken the imam Ali leadership. Imam Ali leaded people for about 5 years and he executed the prophets manner and justice. So some of the people who were wronged thanks to Imam Alis leadership method started rioting by variety of allegations. One of the most noticeable excuses was the vengeance for the thired caliph , and the most remarkable people who were rioting were Aysheh who was the first person who planned for killing the prophet ,talha , zobair, and moaviah who was on of the major agents of Hebrews. Most of imam ali efforts were was spended in solving the disagreement , happened between muslims and a lot of wars occurred like sefeyn, jamal, and Nahravan battles. Imam ali battled with aysheh ,talha and zobeir near the city basrah to remove devilry actions, and that war is famus as jamal. Imam Ali did another conflicet with moaviah for about a year and half in Iraq and shaam border which is famus as sefein war and he had another battle in the area called nahravan with a crops called khavarej and that war is famus as nahravan battle. After imam ali and his adjutants were successful in jamal war, he and his adjutants decided to move to koofeh and he selected that city as the center of the Islamic administration, and he lived ther until the end of his life. One of the reasons for moving the Islamic caliphate from medina to koofeh was that there were so many cobbers in koofeh and a lot of them in the areas around that city. So that they could relieve the Allahs religion. The second reason was the iraqs location, and the necessity of eradicating of skullduggeries against the Islamic dominion-by bani Omayeh nation, and maviyeh. Imam ali went to koofeh mosque as soon as he arrived to the city and after praying gave a speech and next he sent exarchs to different provinces and then he took deal whit administering the governmental sabjects. After the kheibar war the worst enemy of islam (israel) chaned its politics and instead of duel they turned to test the predominate policy, by recumbency on feudidts and vicarious battles. The Israelites plan was to assassinate imam ali and to remove the traces of that action they wanted to kill the undercovers of themselves. And unfortunately they had been able to exert their disastrous plans. Once that imam ali entered the koofeh mosque and was praying Allah, noticed several guss sleeping in there .he was Ebn-e-moljem who was lying on his chest. Imam ali woke him up and said get up for praying and never sleep like this because this is the way that the devil sleeps. And and lie on your right side as it’s the believers means or sleep on your back that is the position of the prophets for sleeping . Then imam ali told him “you’re going to do a job which will make the sky fall and the eart will get cracked. If I want , I can tell other what you have under your clothes wich you have hidden there. Ebn-e-moljem stood up close to imam ali for praying and when imam ali took his head that imam ali’s head was cracked to forhead. Then imam ali who was sitting in his place saide:” I swear to the God of kaabai got rescued”. People who were in the moque heared. Imam ali’s voice an ran toward the adytum where imam ali was praying and sitting and saw him he head fallen in the bloodstained adytum. The pick him up and envelop his head by his clook. Imam ali colored his beard by his blood and side: this is what that allah and his prophet had promised me , and they were right. Imam hasan and Imam hosein came to their father sadly. Imam ali replaced himself with imam hasan in order to finish praying with people, and in spite of he had a deep gash on his head , he ended paraying in sitting posture, and his body was inclining to the right and left constantly mean wile praying. After finishing warshiping imam hasan hold his fathers head in his hug and told: father,how can I see you in such condition. I’m so sad and sorry. Imam ali answered: my son,since now ,your father won’t suffer. Now your grandfather Mohammad and grandmother khadijeh,and yor mother saint Fatima and elysian peris are present and waiting for your father . you should be happy and stop crying since your tears have made the sky’s angels cry. People caught Ebn-e-moljem and tool him too imam ali . imam hasan said did you kill someone who had embowered you and preferred you father than other ansd gave you a lot ? your cursed. Was he a bad imam ?was this the reward of his goodness? Ebn-e-moljem kept being lowly and silent . Then imam hassan told his father: this man is the enemy of Allah , prophet and you ,and is present here with you ,and is your captive. Imam ali looked at ebn-e-moljem and said: you did a big felony. was I a bad imam for you? Didn’t I so much award to you. didn’t you receive my kindness? Although I knew you would be my killer i expressed my affection to you for making you given up from the wrong career you had chosen. Anyway brutality won you for killing me. Brute ebn-e-moljem cryed and read a sentence of alcoran: “can you rescue the person who locality is the gehenna?” then imam ali asked imam hsan to be kind whit your captive don’t you see his eyes that are turning from fear? And don’t you see that how his heart is anxious? My son, we come from a clement family, so feed him from what you eat and drench him, but don’t burn his body and don’t turn cate him. If I stay alive I know better wat to wit him, and I’m the best person to forgive him. Because we are a family who behave with forgiveness with people who behave tyrannically with us. One of the most remarkable events that caused a big change in the Islam’s way was the death of imam ali: by his death Islam forfeited its only compassionate conservator and its only backer and Muslims last a beloved leader, a righteous gerent, an erudite imam who was kind and clement, and muslims got ambient by calamity and different sorts of devilrys. The harm which was made by Ebn-e-moljem on imam Ali’s head was exactly a harm on Islam’s body and a bad destruction on the body of justice, freedom and human aims. So, imam Ali passed away and was buried in Ramadan 21, in the city Najaf and his grave is a holy place for muslim who respect him. Imam ali justice, compassion, and condonation were really unexampled in the history and now you can read some of the noticeable examples of his good characters. 1) The base of his administration was believing in GOD. He always thought about God in his behaviors and his talks and he treated the administration as a toll not a goal. He enforced the God’s behests by dominion and was introducing the truth to the people. After people undertook with imam ali he said to the people” I want you for God’s religion. 2) Imam Ali notable qualities was his justice, that all the people mention that and even his enemies confess that. He never thought about his personal benefit. So many people couldn’t tolerate his justice and started rioting for independence by their by blades – in every place. Imam Ali said I swear to God that I will get back the right of someone who is aggrieved. 3) Ebn-e-abbas says: once in entered imam Ali’s tent and I saw imam Ali was reparin his raggedy shoes. Imam ask me:how much do these old-fashioned shoes. Isaid nothing. Imam told me the value of these fuggy shoes worth? In my opinion they worth more than ruling you. And only if I can execute the justice by this administration. Or if I can give back the rights of a person who has lost it , it really worths that I govern you. 4) When imam Ali was ruling the muslim he was behaving kindly with people. He couldn’t stand anyone behaved badly or atrociously. because he believed that just like that the people have the duties about the government, the government has duties according to the peoples wills. Whenever he heard that the tetrarchs behaved dreadfully wit people he really boiled and got angry, and used to have a behavior with severity to tetrarchs. 5) Imam Ali believed that the dominion is a bonded thing which is given to gerents and about this category he said: the dominion which is given gerents is not a prey, but it is a bonded. 6) Imam Ali was so know led gable and a real proficient in giving speechs. He had given a presentation which was so meaningful and long and in that presentation he had never used the latter (آ=A) which was very essential in his language. And also he had another presentation that there isn’t any dot in the words that he had used for his speech. 7) Imam Ali used to wear different clothes and disguise at nights and took food for poor people entire his life and instead people were mistreating him as a commanding of the city. 8) Imam Ali’s biography was so different and distinguished insofar as many western writers were crazy about his great character and they have written many books about him. Now on the following we can read some of their opinions about imam ali character. Michael Naeimeh the arab Christian scientist believes that no dated can make a real and appropriate look of a human such as a character like imam ali even if a dated uses 1000 pages to explane imam alis personality. And no one can explane such period that imam ali lived as that time was full of great events. Jebran khalill Jebran another writer says <> Anyone who likes him, his/her foundness is based on his/her barbarism. Imam Ali hadn’t still sent his massage to all around the world when he passed away. Imam Alis death was similar to the clairvoyant prophets. Those who moved to cities and lived with the people who weren’t capable to have them. This writer describs imam Alis character like this <> Ali was very constant in the religion. He lived so honest and payed so much attention to morality. He was both knight and a poet. And also all of the qualities for being a saint. George jerdagh has a valueable book named ((imam Ali or the voice of human loyalty)) describes imam Alis championships by his strong pen and after that he tells the period: Oh, period and the world, what would happen if you collect your ability and power in one person again in every period and in very time there is a hero like Ali? Someone who is as the same as ali in wisdom, logic and bravery. Due to having such face and character, you’re an angel imam ali. And I haven’t seen anyone as beloved as you. Another scientist caked Narsisian believes that, if Imam Ali comes back, and site on the platform of Koofeh mosque, he will see that the mosque is full of the European burgomasters and commanding’s. who have come to irrigate their spirit by his endless knowledge. And mas carlile the English great philosopher and the writer of the book ((Al-Ebtal)) mentios imam Ali passionately and says, we don’t have any other choices except loving Imam Ali as he was a chivalric man and uprigt. He was a conscientious man and in addition was so braved. He was killed Immediately by deception in Koofeh as result of his justice. He had always treated everybody as a righteous person like himself. When his friends were talking about this man who killed him before he died, he said if I stay alive, I know what to do with him. And if I die you can make decisions. If you want kill him and do it only by on biff, and if you can forgive him since it’s closer to wat GOD really wants. Mas carlile clames that imam ali talks about the man who killed him in his famous Nahj-Al-Balagheh. (He explains Ebne-Moljam in the 23 epistle which is imam alis final testament.) Imam Ali had already made a will about Ebn-E-Moljem in his testamentary written in Nahj-Al-Balagheh , that make every one amazed. Made me jane dieulafoy the French explorer says shia muslims extremely respect imam ali and it really must be. Because this great man tried so hard for expediting the islam. In addition he was really matchless in being know led gable, justice, and other good and admirable attributes, and he has left holly generation from himself. His children also were following him and they got killed for expediting the islam respectively imam ali was the guy that broke all of the fetish’s which arabs treated as Gods counterpart, and he proselyted the oneness of God and monotheism. Ali was the man that all of his behaviors were candid with muslims. Ali was the man that all of his behaviors were candid with muslims ali was the man that his minacity and promise were peremptory in the following made me Dieulafoy says to herself: my eyes! Cry and mix your tears with my ah and groan, and bewail for the children of the prophet that were killed wrongly. general sir percy Molesworth sykes, the English orientalist says: ali was famous as an honorable and genteel caliph in comparison with other caliphs, and he really cared about his subalterns. He never cared about the gifts sent by the people or assignees who wanted him to do a erong job he never was in relation with his pawky compatative (Moavieh) who was using the worst bugger people and was doing the dirtiest villainies to achieve his demoniac plans, the imam Ali accuracy in trusteeship and honesty had caused the avaricious arabs who had depredated an entire empire be disaffected this issue that Iranians treated him as a leader coming from God is really admirable. However his eminency is higher than this. Janin wolke the German poet says: we don’t have any other except loving Imam Ali and be totally into him because he was an honorable young adult and had a cleanly conscience which was full of kindness. And his heart was laden by dedication and assistance. And he was doughtier than a male lion. But his courage was compeered whit boon , affection and compassion. Professor Stansilas says Moavieh did against Islam in many cases and he battled with Imam Ali who was the biggest, bravest, pious and the greatest prolocutor in arabs. Georgy zidan the arab scientist and writer says: Moavieh and his friends never abstained their villainies to promote their personal animus. Instead imam Ali and his friends to never encroach from the right way. Baron cardiafo the frech scientist says: Ali wasn’t the child of adventure. Ina fact Ali was not the generator of adventurs, actually the adventurs had generated him. His thoughts, affection and fancy had created his doings. He was a hero and in spite of his heroism, he was piteous. And he was a champion that when he was fighting, was also a devotee. He didn’t care about fortune and position, and he sacrificed his life for goals. He had a very deep soul that its roots were in apparent and the fear from god had impacted all of them. Ilya Pavlich the rusian orientalist says: Ali was cultured by Mohammad and ali was deeply allegiant to Mohammad. Ali was promiso to islam passionately. He was soiothfast. Not only he was a hero, but also he was a poet too. And he had all of the attributes for being a saint

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