Imam sajad the child of Imam Hossein was famous as
Zeinolabedin. He was born in Medina and his date of birth
was 38th after Mohammad’s hegira. He also was present in the
Ashura event but he was rescued as a result of illness and
Actually his father hadn’t let him to participate in that battle
inspite of he really liked to take part in that tragic occurrence.
The Gods desire was not to let the imams generation be
extinct, and imam sajjad should have inherited the
pontification and that great apostolate. He was an Imam for
35 years and his pontification started when the society had
passed a very challenging cycle. And he had inherited a
situation that the malice, opportunism, secularism, inequity
and jobbery were the most considerable exclusivity of that
time. Anyway, the second part of Imam hosseins movement
happened after he and his friends were killed in the tragic
event of karbala, in the day Ashura in the year 61 after the
hejra of Mohammad and this part started by his sons
leadership. And the responsibility of the transmission the
Ashura event was devolved to him. After imam Hoseins
martyrdom, imam sajad was responsible for leading shias for
35 years and this duty was given to him until the and of his
life, and that period was coincidence with the most difficult
time of cruelty of Hebrews and jemish arabs, and their
assignees. Imam Sajad should have illuminated about the
facts of islam, specifically about pontificate and also about
imposter governments of Hebrews. He believed that he must
have promoted the culture of jehad and martyr.
And to do that job he needed to prepare the muslims and
shias for jehad and battle against injustice and aberration.
imam sajjad started his most remarkable work for linking the
people to God by worshipping in that situation in which the
religious values were influenced by the changes and distortion
of Hebrews. The book “SAHIFE-YE-SAJADIYE” which is famous
as “Zabur-e-Ale-Mohammad” is the un comparable book
written by imam sajad and in islam world there are only 2
books compared whit this book. First Qoran and next Nahj-AlBalaghe based on their grandeurs. And that’s always noticed
by ulema and grandees. The other book written by this imam
is the ethical booklet in which imam ajjad has mentioned 51
right and buty of the human about God, him/herself and
other. He was successful to achieve his goals by the best
means of incantation and other.
He was successful to achieve his goals by the best means of
incantation and contention. And finally valid-EbneAbdolmalek poisoned him stimulated by his brother, his
adviser and the militiaman commanded by Hebrews
Imam sajjad was martyred when he was 57 years old and
living in Medina. He suffered a lot during his life and
expereanced a lot of discomforts. In the karbala harmful event
he had to tollerat a lot of afflications and discomfitures and
when he came back to Medina he always used to remember
and mention the tragic things had happened to him and his
family, during the rest of his life, for 35 years.
Now it’s time to refer to some of his talks.
The best open sesame is the loyalty and the best finisher for
any subject is fidelity.
I see all the good things and benefits of the world in forgiving
and stopping the greed about the other life, and their fortune.
If someone talks behind your back and then he or she
apologizes, accept him/her pardon.
The alms falls into Gods hands before going in the needfuls
God is saticfied whit someone who keeps his or her family in
comfort and welfare the most.
If the assassin who killed my father had given his blade which
he had killed my father to me as a lone, I would give him back
his blade.
God venges from atrocious just becase of the rightful
adjudication of himself.

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