imam Mahdi is the child of Imam Hasan Askari the 11th imam
of Shias. He was born on the morn of the middle of month
Shaban in 255 in Samera After living with his parents for five
years the started his prophecy when his father got martyr just
like messiah and john who accepted their prophecy in their
childhood. After finishing the period of his disappearance imam
Mahdi will avouch the Gods. religion all around the earth. The
last imam of shias was born in 255 whil the agents of the
dominion were controling Imam Askaris home. His fative birth
wasn’t different to Mosaics and Abraams. birth, Just like those
2 prophets who were born under a lot of martial management
and control of Pharaoh and Nimrod. The period of imam Mahis
life is admeasured to 4 parts:
1) Since his birth until his short term disappearance: He lived
with his father for five years Secretly and one of the most
important thing that his father did was to introduce him to shia
grandee, in order to avoid the possible dissents in the future.
2) The short term disappearance: after imam Askari was
martyr, imam Mahdis short term appearance was began in 260
and it continued until 329. During this time, imam was dealing
with peoples problems via 4 assistants.
3) The long term disappearance:
This duration started from 329 and will countinue until God
descrys to end. During this period the deputies, of imam Mahdi
have the duty to resporad the questions of people about the
religion. Off course imam Mahdi hasn’t introduce any deputy
4) After imam Mahdi appears, he will constitute an ecumenical
dominion and he will brim all of the earth by his administration.
Imam Mahdi has a lot of knowledge and doctrine and he has
the hoard of all the prophets. He’s the 9th
. imam Hosein imam
Hoseins generation and sitl is in absentia from the sights. But
hi’s the last prophet and the biggest revolutionist. As soon as
he appears, he’ll recline to kaaba and take the Mohammads
flag in his hands and he may quicken the Gods religion and he
will enter the Gods commands in all around the world.
And he will suffuse the world by justice and kindness. Imam
mahdi is compliant about height of God. God and his grandeur
of God are epitomized in imam Mahdi and Gods grandeur has
encompressed throughout his existence.
Mahdi is impartial and benedict and brisk. God will endear
islam by Mahidis hand. In his government no one will be hurt.
unless God diagnoses. Mahdi will give the right of any one who
deserves that, even if his or her right is under someone elses
tooth. He will get back the underdags right from the atrocious
person and gives it to the real owner. In Mahdis dominion time,
the period of Cruels, unmercifuls and the political power of
dissenters will end.
Mekka may be the muslims Keblah and the center of the
revolutionary dominion of Mahdi. The first people who will
joine will end. Mekka may be the muslims keblah and the
center of the year revolutionary dominion of Mahdi. The first
people who will joine him for his revolution, will get together in
that city and join him and battle with others, and there will be
no power owner, and no policy and no administration except
the facts government and the righteous Koranic policy. In
Mahdis dominion period all the people will be tought the
science and doctrine as much as women will judge based on the
Gods book and the prophets tradition. At that days, the rational
power of the groups of people will increase and concentrate.
Mahdi will complete the inteligense of people. Mahdi is a
lifesaver who will be sent by God to reclaim the t people of the
In his period all the people will be living comfortably and they
will enjoy an incomparable Super abundance. Even the
proportion of animals will rise and live with other creatures in
piece. Too many herbages will grow on the earth and the water
of the rivers will increase. The treasures will be taken out from
the earth inside and sources. In Mahdis time the devilry and
alarm be ended. The Custom of barbarism and camisade will be
And in his dominion there will be no rapacity and battle. And no
place will be destroyed because Mahdi may reclaim every
desolate place. In Mahdis verdict and administration no one
will be underdog and suffered. Since the end of the time is the
moment of the death of the Serpent, he will do his best for
cunctation of Mahdis appearing, and one of his strongest ways
is to tempt people to be depend on the demoniac mystic power
in a way that the people can’t distinguish what is right and what
is wrong.
After Mahdi appeares the devil will try to accomplish his
promis to God for misdirecting the people. At the begining of
Mahdis appearing, the devil will do something which is so
imprassive in humans karma.
in Ramadan 23ed early in the morning gabriel will announce
the Mahdis appearing. Anyway, in the afternoon devil will come
to the stage.
Imam Bagher had told: people will hear the voice of gabriel in
Ramadan 23ed on Friday. Don’t question about it. Listen and
hear, that. At the end of the day, people will hear the voice of
devil, who says listen to me:
You should be careful and remember that someone was killed
wrongly to mislead people, and involve theme with deviltry.
Based on the stories the ending of the devils life is in Mahdis
hand. Mahdi wants to spray the pea peace and justice on the
earth and to achieve this goat he will do various things, such as
battling with the hurdles which avoid the global justice. The
most remarkable wars are: battling the Sofyani, then Jewish,
next fighting with antichrist and killing the Yaajooj and Maajooj
and finally the battle with devil will start which will cause the
annihilation of Mephistopheles. The satan knows that the day
of Mahdis appearance is his last day of his life, so he will do his
best to prolong that.

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